They Could Be Anybody
Do you know who your friends are?
09m 01s|July 30, 2006
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The Zombies and Banshees have created covert agencies to hide their century long war. With their alter egos and spy assassins, they are attempting to finish this war.
Cast And Crew
The hard working cast and crew of this movie.
The music of this movie.
  • A Power From Within
    Written by Geevious
    Performed by Geevious
  • Aeternus
    Written by Thebluemask
    Performed by Thebluemask
  • Bad News
    Written by Aria Music Designs
    Performed by Aria Music Designs
Special Thanks
Thank yous to who helped make this movie possible.
  • Dave Williams for letting us invade his house for two days.
  • Dave Williams for his extra "Behind The Scenes" video camera.
  • Rene Williams, no Dave and her are not related, for digital stills.
The extra details of this movie.
Filming Locations
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