Psalm 10:15
Let Pastor Sam make it all better.
07m 49s|October 23, 2006
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All of your childhood memories include Pastor Sam; he took care of you when no one else would. What memory made you want to be a Pastor yourself; was it good or bad?
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Tara Seconts
Mar 10, 2010
I thought the short film was provocitive and edgy. The open ending allows the discussion to flow from camera's concept to the viewer's mind; isn't the blank screen scarier and more dramatic than any camera could dare to be?

I didn't find the concept of redemption to be a necessary component to the film, and, isn't redemption in the eye of said expectations to begin with? I didn't see pointless anger at the end at all. If Thomas wanted to be pointlessly angry or violent he could've punched the guy in the face when he first tapped on the window. Instead there was a development of character.

I suspect the need for redemption the previous reviewer focused on could possibly be her own projection and need for her song to be 'redeemed' and the film to fulfill her own expectations. As an artist herself I am saddened she was not able to put her own agenda aside long enough to watch a 5 minute film and write an objective review.

If I had 5 thumbs I would give this short film 3 thumbs, a pinky and a pair of very comfy sweatpants (the good kind, none of this Hanes junk).
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Susan McAlexander
Feb 28, 2008
:-( I am really disturbed at the ending and lack of redemption protrayed. I realize it is a short film, but there is no love of God or of man. Just a cheap outlet for anger, a "b" film ending. Anyone, in the situation protrayed, would require professional counceling to acheive recovery. A tire iron doesn't solve any problems. I am saddened that you used our songs (my husband and myself) for such a project and that they didn't inspire you to reach for a more "road to redemption" film.

The main actor was good - although I didn't get the "Kaposi's Sacrcoma" on the driver until the end. If his skin really is motled with lesions that way, he needs to see a doctor immediately.
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